Summaries of Business Books with Animated Videos

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We’ve covered Blinkist last month that is very similar to what we’re going to cover today, but with a twist. is a service that summarizes top business books that you can consume in the video format. This service is aimed to Individual, Entrepreneurs and Working Professionals and that is clear from the Call to Action that they use.

The target audience is professional teams

Once you sign-up with Linkedin, there is a screen that greets you that customizes the service for you. You are asked for the challenges you’ll be facing in the next 6 months and they list options that covers Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Productivity, Motivation and Creativity. I think this is a very important option to have to help give the right content to the right user.

The breakdown of the service based on your requirement

A library full of books

The main library contains around 134 titles for the “Generating more leads for your business” option that I chose. According to each video content is for approximately 12 minutes. That is 1608 minutes in total which is a total of 26.8 hours.

So within a weekend I can consume content that is packed in 134 books. Is it worth it though?

A large library of books are available on the platform

The way you can consume content isn’t restricted to only Video, some books have the Text and Audio version as well.

They also have a social element to the service with the “Discussion Questions” section which isn’t functional now, but they hope to have conversations around the book.

Consume content through various mediums

The Actual Content

Getting to the actual content, they have an example of their service right on the homepage where they cover the book “The One Thing”. This book has one main theme to it and that is focusing on one thing and how extremely successful people are very good at that.

Here are a few images from the Video that breaks the core ideas of the book.

The animation is great and does a great job in describing the content of the book. The essence and main core idea of the book also comes out within the first few minutes itself. The summary of the book is pretty spot on.


To Summarize

If you share the book with three friends you get the text version of the service. The paid version is $30 a month, if you buy it for a year, it comes to $25 a month. So is it a worthy investment?

A list of free and paid plans for

The impact of a book is hard to come by. If you’ve read a book and want to look for a summary to remind yourself of the ideas in the book then it’s a useful product.

Another use case is, for books you aren’t sure whether you want to read but want to know the gist of it, then this could be a useful primer.

For $25 a month you could get two kindle books (Maybe more) and become thorough with a topic than skim through hundreds of them. Taking from the essence of  the book “The One Thing”, it’s better to focus on one book than just get a summary of many.

Do you guys have any counter opinions? Let me know in the comments.


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