Subdomain Or Subdirectory for WordPress Addon blogs

When I started with Shoutmeloud after a while I was looking for option to increase its visibility by adding more category on it, but this may create an issue with existing niche topics and I might get good traffic but lose my niche authority. So I was left with three options :

  • Create a new WordPress blog
  • Create a WordPress blog in subdomains
  • Create a WordPress blog in Sub directory

Now I will discus issue, problems and solution :

Create a new WordPress blog

Major problem is with this option is branding from scratch and above all I need to work from starting to promote this blog. Obviously this will be an issue as I need to spend more time for these blogs. Probably I might end up sailing on two different boats and might end up not promoting my current and new blogs.

SubDirectory or Subdomain

Subdirectory : A subdirectory will be something like

subdomains : A subdomains will be something like

Obviously, I was not sure which one is best at that time and I went with different blog and I guess it was a wrong decision for me. Anyways, this post might help you and will help you not to make such mistakes which I did for my new blogs.

I was reading Matt Cutt Article on this topic and that gave me enough insight and which i can share with you.


You need a subdomains only if your content is different from your current niche. That is if you have a blog on technology and you would like to write for entertainment. You should go for something like

entertainment.shoutmeloud com


In case if you planning to add a different blog on particular topic related to your niche, suppose WordPress Theme.

You can have something like :


Remember WordPressThemes is a different directory or sub directory in your domain. This will help you to get more authority in your domain.

This is especially good for businesses , who have a static website, and they want to start with a blog, instead of going for you can go for

I believe I have made things clear to you, in case if you have questions, feel free to ask me.

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