Status Update – Social Media


Once upon a time, the concept of “expressing yourself by writing” would evoke us of literati, journalists and journalist girls. At that time, nobody asked, “Is the habit of expressing yourself by writing healthy?” she wouldn’t think. The digital world has changed the situation.

Writing and speaking where roles changed There is a parallel universe. Sms, chat, forum, dictionary, blog, wiki, tweet, etc. We learn how to write and obey the reading statistics that say that we meet 6 people every year and read a book. Today, the most common criticism towards social media is people that asosyalleştir claim. I strongly disagree! But I think that this role change between the methods of expression is worth considering.

Speech and writing have very different characteristics. Talk, is real time, it has no permanence, the target audience mostly does not cross the fingers of one hand. You can make a mistake while talking. Anyone can make mistakes. Therefore, the listener tends to tolerate errors. Writing is your thoughts delayed transferis permanent, its target audience is wide. Did you make a mistake? Get well soon! What is common is that they are both tools “language” using it. So they affect our way of thinking.

It is obvious that we have started to see writing as a substitute for speaking to express ourselves on a social level. We prefer to end our relations via Facebook. Because writing allows us to construct accurate sentences in critical times. It saves time when answering difficult questions. It allows us to keep ourselves from making silly jokes.

We’re getting used to it. The way of thinking that aims to form an accurate sentence, the illusion that each sentence can appeal to hundreds of people, bones in our minds. At this point, we can talk about an indirect asocialization effect. Digital media is losing its formal structure. He creates his own jargon. Jargoes from two different universes are transferred from one to the other. We are increasingly forgetting that the communication laws of these two universes are different. We start to be afraid to convey thoughts as soon as they occur. And this situation turns into a kind of “phobia of socialization in the real world” day by day. These days we all panic attack as it exists.

We should consider this effect of using social media more locally. Because the use of social media for the rest of the world does not match ours. Personal radios, Youtube, JustinTv video-based social platforms such as expressing ourselves We do not use it for. In other countries, the habit of using these media for personal broadcasting makes the digital universe a writing-based place for them. I am so curious about being famous and afraid of getting in front of the camera, I attribute the cost of cosmetic products. But I am not sure.