Start the Day with LinkedIn Today!


The dominance of Twitter and Facebook in determining and directing social news is constantly written and drawn. In addition to this, it is stated that journalism is also disrupted by social media.

About two months ago, LinkedIn announced that it will go public towards the end of this year. Instead of sitting and waiting for the day it will go public, it has signed a new feature that will make more mention of the name of LinkedIn and announced ‘LinkedIn Today’ (Social Today) for business people. It seems that he wants to be like the social media version of the Wall Street Journal newspaper rather than competing with social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Flipboard.

When you click on the LinkedIn Today tab, you can find many up-to-date news reports from Eric Schmidt nomination to the Ministry of Commerce, from Angry Bird game developers to investor Rovio to raise $ 42 million. Perhaps you can reach most of these news from TechMeme, but it includes industry-specific news that makes LinkedIn’s new feature valuable.

Let’s take a closer look at LinkedIn Today. After logging into LinkedIn with your email and password, when you click on “News Beta” under the “More” tab, the page redirects you to LinkedIn Today. On the page that opens, you will see customized front page news depending on the industry you and your links are involved in without having to do anything. You can also follow news sources from other sectors you want.

The news on your front page and its own section of each industry are included in the calculation of how many times your links shared articles on LinkedIn or Twitter. You can either share the news on LinkedIn Today or directly save it.

You can watch the video about the new feature that comes out with the slogan ‘Start your work day with LinkedIn Today’ here.

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