Starbucks Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary With Social Media


The world-famous coffee giant Starbucks celebrates its 40th anniversary and, in this context, organizes various events, including social media.

Starbucks, a US-based company, distributes $ 40 gift cards to its customers using Foursquare within the organization organized in the same country.

With celebrations that last until 23:59 hours local time in the USA [email protected] With the congratulatory messages to be sent to, the right to participate in the lottery is also offered.

Another important aspect of Starbucks celebrations is that the company will enter this new period with a new logo. In addition, some new products will be offered to customers.

Starbucks’ organizing celebrations with Foursquare and the success of these efforts may be an example for other retailing companies in the coming periods.

When we look at Turkey Starbucks spends a little more modest celebration of their 40th anniversary. Today at 23: free coffee is offered in up to 30 Starbucks stores in Turkey. In this address If the same page is displayed on the screen to be printed or on the mobile product, you can get a long coffee for free.