Social Media plays the leading role in the documentary of the Egyptian Revolution


It is in everyone’s language how active the social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are used during the actions in Egypt, which resulted in Hüsnü Mubarak’s leave on February 11. So, during this collective movement, is it possible to combine all the images recorded with the blessings of the technology and all the produced content into a documentary?

Egyptian director Jigar Mahdi rolled up his sleeves to make a documentary by bringing together videos and photos that people took and shared through social media during the 18-day protests.

During the protests, many internet services were closed to government access, but users were able to announce their rebellions by finding alternative ways to use social media. This sometimes happened by tweeting, sometimes by uploading a photo to Flickr, and sometimes by sharing a video on Youtube. The main idea in Mahdi’s project is to gather all these visual documents in one place and to tell the world through the eyes of the living people by transforming the 18-day Egyptian Revolution into a documentary.

Studies have started for the realization of the project. With the hashtag # 18DaysInEgypt on Twitter, Flickr and Youtube, users share their documents so that the documentation of the Egyptian Revolution, where social media is the driving force, is realized through social media.