Social Media is Now in Your Shoes!


You remember our news that you interacted with the showcase of the store you passed by. Here the same company has now carried social media to our shoes! Yes, you have not heard wrong. You can now send friend requests from Facebook with your shoes! Would you like to earn free drinks with your shoes? Or send a tweet to twitter? Add photos to FlickR? At your fingertips, but at your toes! But how?

The new shoes prepared for the clothing company WeSC will enable many innovations thanks to the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that has been used for transportation and cargo services to date. Thanks to the trays that will be placed in different places, you will now start sending social media messages with your shoes, uploading photos to the internet and earning discounts and awards. KarmaTech products designed for WeSC are social media monsters. “Nike +How is it different from? ” For those who say, the differences are described in the video.

We will see where and in what amount the trays are placed to allow interaction over time, but the video shows that a fairly large platform is on the way. If this service is implemented in our country, it will be in great demand. Let’s see, we’ll wait and see the results. Of course, there is no limit to creativity and this firm is one of the most aware of this! Let’s watch the detailed introductions:

RFID in shoes from Hampus lemhag front Vimeo.