Social Media has become the nightmare of Cuba


A new video uploaded to the internet has become one of Cuba’s worst nightmares in social media. The 53-minute video in question was handed over to the Cuban Interior Ministry by an unnamed internet expert last June. Looking at the video, Cuban officials believe that the United States is organizing and promoting social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter through dissident voices.

Expert, just like in Ukraine 2004 social pressure and mass protests and that in Cuba, as in the renewal of elections and in 2010 in Iran, Twitter and Facebook were used to organize the opposition; He said that America is trying to sneak in to Cuba to create WiFi locations.

Currently, internet access and content are controlled by the Cuban government. The expert suggests that creating a technological platform away from the control of the authorities can ensure that the Cuban citizens freely communicate with the world; America now finances money to create a network of cyber mercenaries beyond its traditional counter-revolutionary structure; he said this could be a persuasive discourse on the Cuban young, educated population.

The events in Ukraine in 2004, Iran and Tunisia in 2010 and finally in Egypt in 2011 showed that social media will always be involved in fighting for freedom of speech, freedom and social justice.