Social Media and Its Destruction [Infographic]


Mothers and fathers who scold their children for doing homework while watching TV had something they knew. They wanted their child to be distracted, let the child do their homework properly and be successful in their lessons. The mother and father, who scolded her child who managed homework and television at the same time, was right. Because it is proven and proved in various studies that people who do several jobs at the same time are distracted, unable to think and make decisions quickly and are stressed. In the 2000s we are in, rather than television, computer, mobile phone and social media tools distract us, and our parents are no longer scolding us.

The social media notifications we face every day are incredible. Besides, there is no way we can complete a job without going to the phone during the day. On the one hand, we take a look at the upcoming work, and on the other hand, we check whether there is anything up to date on Twitter. We receive a sms at the same time and move away to return after the work we have concentrated on. Wait, someone uploaded your photo on Facebook. As you leave the message aside and enter Facebook, you realize that you have to finish the job in front of you. During these counts, perhaps your television is open and you have to follow the financial market or breaking news. The consumption habits in the information society integrated with social media are consuming you, you are not aware.

Hewlett-Packard’s work According to e-mail and phone calls, the drop in IQ of employees who are distracted is twice as high as those who drink marijuana. According to another study It is also found that the memory of people trying to do many things at the same time is weakened. According to a study at the University of Utah, the reaction rates of those talking on their mobile phones while driving were equivalent to a driver whose promise was 0.08 percent in their blood. In other words, when you are in the dimensions of the work, it is too bad for you to notice. Doing a few things at the same time can give you the feeling of saving time, and you can even see yourself as a hero, thinking that you are catching up with everything. However, the effect of these new habits makes us individuals who are always in a state of anxiety.

In the following infographic prepared by Vizworld, you will encounter interesting notes on “multitasking”, which means doing many things at the same time. The most fun and interesting place of infographic is the last part. If you’re wondering what your brain is trying to do at the same time, you’re looking at the right infographic.