SMS Usage Clearly Leader


Smartphones offer us opportunities such as tweet, check-in, and like, but consumers still prefer to use SMS more.

Let the advocates of the mobile technology argue that the use of SMS will come to an exhaustion point over time. A new study by Deloitte on the subject has revealed that the truth is not in this direction: the use of SMS is still very lively and at the top.

Deloitte Telecom and technology Department Manager Paul Lee, who made a statement on the subject, explained that although the general opinion is that mobility and social networks will stop using SMS, the use of SMS is still the leader.

While 90% of smart phone users send one SMS a day, only 40% of normal phone users go to social networks from their phones. 30% of those between the ages of 18-24 send at least one SMS per hour. Explaining that SMS is preferred more “personally, simply and instantly”, Lee added that SMS is easier than Facebook and Foursquare.

The first SMS in history was sent by Vodafone engineers Neil Papworth as a Christmas celebration message on December 3, 1992. Designed to serve people with hearing impairment, returning to an unexpectedly useful and profitable service, it is a question of whether more than 1.5 billion SMS are thrown a week today.

How about you?