Skype starts to receive ads – social media


The popular video chat program Skype has announced that it will start receiving ads to be integrated into the application to increase its revenues. With this new decision, Skype officials stated that the user experience will not be affected in any way and stated that they have to create a new revenue model in order to provide a better service.

Skype, which started negotiations with Groupon, Universal Pictures and Visa, plans to show targeted ads based on users’ personal information such as age, gender and location. Still, Skype users will be free to share their personal information. In addition, users will encounter these ads only once a day, so that the simplicity of Skype continues.

Skype, which has been experimenting with advertising with the online music service Rdio for the past two months, was announced to receive ads in the US, UK and Germany in the first place. According to the announcements, most of the ads will be displayed on the main page in the Windows version and will also be displayed in various parts of the page for a short period of time. Skype officials are expecting an annual investment of $ 200 million, according to accounts. We think that Skype, which has 25 million active users, can be a good advertising medium with thoughtful strategies.

In the image below, you can get an idea of ​​how Skype ads will appear on your page.