Skype Brings Teachers Together


Online education has been a method preferred by many educational institutions for a while. The main purpose is to meet teachers and students in a virtual environment without distance. As the resources we have developed, things get easier. Some of the future predictions we see in movies with developing internet technology and video programs are no longer a dream.

It is not difficult to find the education, teacher or class you are looking for online, but with a tool that everyone uses and a good categorization, much better results can be achieved. Developed by Skype Skype in the Classroom platform also serves this purpose. So far, nearly 6,000 teachers have been enrolled in this program, with 107 projects and 345 resources available to Skype users.

Skype in the Classroom, which has been in beta since December 2010, started operating at full capacity last Tuesday. Now you can search by age and language based on your subject, find the teachers you want from Skype’s database, join new projects, take lessons, or see how other teachers handle the same lesson.

“We have seen an increasing demand for bringing together teachers and related projects and lessons and we wanted to help this audience,” says Jacqueline Botterill, Skype’s press spokesperson. “There are websites that try to put these studies together, but many are fragmented and weak. Our goal is to create a single medium where teachers can come together. ”

In addition to Skype in the Classroom, you can specify in which country you are teaching. In this way, you can come together with teachers from different cultures, benefit from their studies or contribute to them without leaving your seat. With this platform, you will be able to find answers to the questions of other teachers in a similar branch, or what methods do they use. Skype in the Classroom seems to be a successful platform for both teachers and students.