Should You Keep your Blog Comments as Dofollow or Nofollow?

Dofollow and nofollow tag attributes are one of the most common used words. If you are new to it, I’m going to explain what we mean when we say a blog is ‘dofollow’ or ‘nofollow‘.?

Search engines use links to go through all the sites on the web. How it does that is, its bots crawl through a single website and then it looks for links within that website. Upon finding a link, the bot follows it to land on another page. This way a large number of websites get linked and the search engines are able to index or cache them and display as results. This process can only happen if the website has set its link attributes to ‘dofollow‘. By default, all links in a WordPress blogs are do follow. (It may very depending upon theme you are using).

If, however, the site decides to not share links and keep it interlinked within its own pages, a ‘nofollow‘ Meta Robot is used. In such a case, the bot will not follow the link. Nofollow is usually used, when you are linking to a spam site for the reference, or a link which doesn’t suits the topic you are writing about.

Having discussed what follow and nofollow means, I would like to list out the pros and cons of having a comment section that is ‘dofollow’. We all know advantages of commenting, as it gives us a link back from dofollow enabled blog (WordPress comments are nofollow by default), but as a Blog owner, is it a good idea to use Dofollow comment:

ADVANTAGES of making comment box Dofollow

  1. If you have a dofollow comment section, you are bound to get a lot of reader interactions going. Everyone loves get a little bit of link love.
  2. Since you are going to provide a lot of blogs with backlinks, you are bound to get some back.
  3. More relevant backlinks means a better page rank.

DISADVANTAGES of Do-follow comment box

  1. More comments mean more spam. Managing the comments is going to be massive task.
  2. Since outgoing link means you are sharing your Page Rank, you have to be careful about the quality of the sites you are linking to. Otherwise, the reputation of you blog will be affected.

Check out Matt Cutts Views on How dofollow Comments can affect your blog:

Having gone through both sides of the coin regarding dofollow comments, the ultimate decision is upto you. My suggestion is to keep your blog comments as Nofollow only, as this will prevent spam comment, and leaking of link juice. Your commentator could be rewarded by many other form like TOp commentator, comment luv or anything else.

Personally, I wouldn’t like to have a nofollow comment section as it would of now use. Since thousands of outgoing links would mean that my page rank is divided to insignificant parts and shared with each one.