Samsung phone email sync disabled problem


What to do if Samsung emails can’t reach their email and email sync is disabled alert.

After updating and system upgrades, the user can send e-mails in this problem that occurs in some of the Samsung models and other phones. but it cannot. When users are not able to access their emails on Samsung phones and the Email synchronization disabled warning is received, the first thing to do when updating is to turn on synchronization. The system update disables the push mail feature. For this reason, he can send e-mail, but it does not improve unless you renew it and request it manually. Since sync is turned off in the phone settings, it continues to issue email sync disabled alerts.

What needs to be done in this case?

Move the menu down from the top of your phone on the main screen, tap the “Sync” icon from the options you will see, activate it and select the e-mail you will synchronize on the screen by touching it, that is, the synchronization feature will be left on the e-mail. In this case, push mail feature will be activated again, e-mail synchronization disabled warning will disappear and your mails will be dropped into your account instantly.

There are many solutions to your phone, such as the problem of not reaching your emails on phones and email sync disabled problem alert. I thought it would contribute to you because it happened to me.

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