Responsibilities Against Imam’s Army and Social Media


A draft of books was made “inaccessible to people” by an operation carried out by a publisher with a printing press and by several police officers. The same draft book has reached millions of people today, without the need for any publishing house and any printing press!

Today, at noon, NTVMSNBC, the website of NTV, realized the fact of accessing information that is a part of people’s right to receive news. In this direction, he took on the responsibility of publishing very seriously and published the draft of Ahmet Şık’s book called “Imam’s Army”. The earthquake caused by the publication of the original draft of the book by NTVMSNBC caused huge “sharing waves” in the Twitter ocean.

We have stated that the coverage of the news published by Yahoo Research and Cornell University titled “Twitter Cycle Research and Remarkable Results” published yesterday is one of the gripping effects on Twitter. In Twitter, where there are several hundred million people, how many media outlets, which are several thousand, have a great influence, was also revealed in the same news with numerical data. A few days have passed since NTVMSNC and the last draft of the great examples for this subject have been published.

According to the news of NTVMSNBC, some Swedish activists have captured Ahmet Şık’s book “Imam’s Army” under the title “Touching Lights”. Upon this, Aydın Engin, who had the chance to read the draft just before the draft was seized by the police, was asked whether the draft was the book mentioned. When Aydın Engin confirmed that the document in question was the original draft, it was time for the book to be published by NTVMSNBC. And when a few minutes passed, hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter were talking about the same book, uploading the book to file sharing sites, and above all, “they were reading this book that was blocked from access.” It has been reported that the chief prosecutor’s office has started an investigation after several hours after all these developments.

On this occasion, we see once again how the results that can be achieved by combining the content of social media with the unprecedented power of social media. Because, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, preventing a book from printing and thus reaching hundreds of thousands of people with a few policemen cannot prevent the accessibility and dissemination of information thanks to the power of social media today!