Real Life Hacks For Young Bloggers & Online Entrepreneurs

I always believe entrepreneurship is something that is an experience than just a journey.  A true entrepreneur is one who is doing something he likes to do beyond money or fame. And this is the only key, which will make an entrepreneur keep moving forward.

On February 23rd 2014, many experienced and young guns of Pakistan met at conference to discus entrepreneurship and real-life success tips. Unexplored success treasure is one of its kind event in Pakistan, and it was organised by STC Network. I was invited by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai to present a seminar at the event.

Since travelling was not possible, we decided to make it happen via a virtual seminar, and I recorded this 15 minutes video for attendees of Unexplored success treasures. This video was exclusively done for the event, but you can definitely use many of these real-life tips in your entrepreneurship journey.

Don’t forget to check out the last section of the video, where I shared how I will be using $500 for starting a blog.  If you find this video useful, do share it with your friends on Facebook and other social network.