QR Codes – Who Uses and How? [Infographic]


In 1994, we have seen the QR (quick response) codes, which were invented by the Japanese company Denso for the follow-up of automotive spare parts, more frequently in our daily lives.

“QR Code”, which is a 2D barcode with a numeric capacity of 7089 characters and a maximum of 4296 characters with alphanumerics, is one of the applications that brands use in marketing activities today.

While 57% of Facebook and Twitter users have scanned a QR code at least once, 40% have scanned more than five QR codes in the past year. The largest QR Code ever printed is a 159 square meter QR code printed by Audi for the 100th anniversary celebration of automotive production.

Audi, Ford, Pepsi, Starbucks, Ralph Lauren, Best Buy, Mc Donald’s are some of the companies that have already started using QR codes in advertising. We will see the QR codes, which have increased 1200% in use since June 2010, in the coming days.

The following infographic will give you detailed information about the use of QR codes, who is using it and how it is used. You can scan the QR codes in the infographic and get more information about the subject.