Pros and Cons of Multi-Author Blog

As we grow older in our  blogging career, you need to spread out your blog. Expanding your blog requires proper dedication and hard work.

Managing social media, writing articles, commenting or doing SEO takes lots of time in blogging. If you also want to expand your blog and don’t have much time to manage all the things together then best option is to make your blog multi-author blog.

Either you can hire paid writers or revenue sharing writers who can write quality articles for you. It is always good to have multi-author blogs but there are few disadvantages also. Here are few  pros and cons of having multi-author blog:

Pros of multi-author blog:

Regular updates

When you have multi authors, you will get more articles to publish on your blog. On the contrary, if you are the only one who writes on your blog there are chances that you might not update your blog because of other work.

Not updating your blog frequently might result in losing loyal and regular visitors to your blog.

Articles from experts

Having different writers is a best way to provide quality content to your readers. Different writers, who have good experience in writing quality articles on different topics, automatically result in different quality post.

Having multiple authors on a blog also increases the number of topics your blog is covering.

Time for other tasks

There are many task involved in blogging apart from writing articles. If you have multiple author blog, you can give your extra time to other tasks also, such as promoting your blogs or getting advertisers etc. In fact, writers will also promote their articles in their network which would result in driving more traffic to your blog.

Cons of Multi-Author blog

Quality Hampers

There are chances that your paid writers won’t write the way you write articles for your readers. All the writers may have different writing style thus there are chances that readers don’t like the uneven quality of articles. Many writers just write for money and thus don’t care about quality, which is the worst part of multi-author blog.

Tracking Writers

Keeping the track of all the writers is another issue. It becomes bit irritating to proof read articles, do SEO, check for duplicate content etc. Sometimes, editing of poor quality articles takes more time than writing our own articles. Another problem with paid writers is to track deadlines and proper planning, which again require lots of patience.

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If you hire any writer, of course you have to pay him. There should be transparency about the payment system in multi-author blog which is bit complicated. Handling writers payment issues or complains with ease is important.

In spite of having disadvantage, many multi-author blogs are performing excellent. What’s your insight of having a multi-author blog?