Private Shopping in Turkey [Infographic] – Social media


private shopping sites in the world as well as in Turkey is very popular in recent years. With the advantageous prices and different options they offer to their members, private shopping sites are becoming more and more important for consumers. In addition, thanks to the sites in this concept, the preference of online shopping in our country is increasing.

We have prepared an infographic where we present the statistics of three leading private shopping sites for you. On the chart, you can see the number of visitors of Trendyol, Markafoni and Limango, their rankings on Alexa and the likes / follow-up rates of Facebook and Twitter, the two most important social media channels.

One of the prominent data on the chart is that all three shopping sites made a ‘summit’ in December 2010. As a reason, of course, we think of Christmas shopping at first. Between October 2010 and January 2011, Trendyol surpassed its competitors in the number of unique visitors, while Markafoni passed both sites for page viewing.

The most interesting data about Limango comes from Twitter. In other figures, it left behind its competitors with 5277 followers on Twitter, a private shopping site that lags behind Markafoni and Trendyol. The site with the highest number of likes on Facebook is Markafoni with 98.6032.

Update: PDF file on general request is below.

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