Privacy Notice: You Can X-Ray on the Internet!


Probably, there are no people using social media tools but sharing their favorite music, movies, books, anger, happiness, and places they see with their friends.

Service called Voyurl –as the name suggests– takes a step and lets you look at the URLs you and your friends visit like a voyeur!

The idea behind the construction of the site is to reveal what people are looking and share on the internet with their friends, to learn the hit sources of their sites and to determine what is being examined in real time.

Although the site has been running its ads since last June, it seems that the site is still in beta testing. The site encourages people to leave their e-mail addresses to let them know the day we will start broadcasting.

Users can access the service by installing Voyurl’s Google Chrome or Firefox plug-in or by logging in via Twitter, Facebook, email. Then you can secretly follow the steps of the person you want! Although the site serves in a very wide area, it did not neglect to apply some protections.

While sharing every step we take with everyone, we will wait and see if such a site is necessary or as interesting as other social media sites.