Prepare to Push the Limits of Photography: Grab and Shoot


Muammer Yanmaz, the master commentator of the stories behind the photograph, explores the center of life with the Panasonic Lumix G series. Everything, from the tricks of photography to the striking frames of favorite events, conversations with photo masters, interactive photography events and very special photo updates by artist Mehmet Turgut, who reflects his genetic codes from his extraordinary frame!

Master photographer Muammer started broadcasting with “Panasonic Lumix G series digital cameras”. Lumix GF1, which offers the qualities sought by professionals to everyone, thanks to its compact structure, will now produce wonderful frames from all walks of life in the master hands of Muammer Yanmaz. Yet another surprise of is a master photographer … Mehmet Turgut From now on, the photo will unlock the update for followers.

The followers of the blog will be able to find a lot of content, from very special frames of popular events in the city to pleasant conversations with master photographers, from the extraordinary tests of cameras to the tips of photography and photography, on pages. Also, photos enthusiasts from all walks [email protected] They will be able to get their photos to be on by sending them to.

Follow for these and many more surprises!

Who is Muammer Yanmaz?

Born in 1969 in Istanbul, Muammer Yanmaz started photography in the dark room of Saint Michel High School. In addition to advertising photography, which has transformed photography into a lifestyle, it has signed many photo projects and important exhibitions. Muammer Yanmaz, who has created a platform where many young photographers can share their work in a tolerant environment, is also an important photography instructor.

Who is Mehmet Turgut?

The photography of Mehmet Turgut, who was born in Ankara in 1977, comes from the family. The profession of his grandfather Mehmet Turgut, named after, determined the photography fate of Mehmet Turgut. He worked on theoretical photography, printing techniques, painting, pencil and photo processing for many years. In the future, he devoted himself to producing and taking Fictional Photographs.