Or Do You Need Social Media Detox? [Infographic]


You can be one of those looking for a way to find the ‘necessary’ balance between social media and private life. If we do not ignore the fact that we cannot get out of the internet, we need to make some effort to keep the balance. This may include avoiding the internet!

Many experts agree that social media revolutionizes people’s communication. However, they point out that they have a dark side in the point of dragging them into addiction. This addiction, which generally starts as innocent at a young age, is manifested with occasional harmless status updates. In adults, it shows the places they go to, to “like” everything and to shorten the writings in a meaningless way. If you have one of the symptoms we count, you may also need social media detox.

one) If you’re talking with 140 characters like on Twitter.

When one of your friends asks you a question, just like on Twitter, if you are speaking in a way that does not exceed 140 characters or if you think that speaking longer is troublesome and boring.

2nd) Facebook ‘like’ mark

This symptom usually occurs when you like too much. Either you dream of having the like button on the objects you see in real life or maybe if you involuntarily make a “very good” sign with your finger in the conversations you have with your friends.

3) Depression due to retweet

If you are sad that your tweets you shared on Twitter are not RT enough and the messages you share on Facebook are not liked enough.

4) Using abbreviations like LOL, OMG

If you express the abbreviations derived from the spread of the internet culture in your conversations in your daily life.

5) Creating a continuous internet account

If you think that the sites that have lost their popularity may happen again one day and refuse to close the accounts you have.

6) Being ‘mayor’ on Foursquare

If you have effortlessly wandered in 30 different places, you have become a ‘mayor’, or even changed your daily path to enter different places.

7) Fake farmer

Sometimes reality and social media can be confused. Even if you are among the best farmers in Farmville, you have the dream to build your own farm in real life and your situation is not as good as in the game.

8) Social media sites being interrupted

Just as Twitter bird carries the whale, or because the Tumblr monsters are forgotten, because they are gnawing at computers, you are inexorably angry when you encounter such problems on social media sites you visit.

9) Electronic device obsession

You spend most of your income on automatic and simultaneously buying devices that can update your social network accounts.

10) Offline confusion

If you have had paranoid psychosis because of your constant interaction with social media and therefore have stopped using all the electronic devices you have.

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