Open Participation Based Social Education


“There is useful and accurate content on the Internet, but it is very difficult to find,” he says. SophieDon’s CEO,. “Besides, if you are not familiar with what you are looking for, there is no way of knowing whether the information is right or wrong.”

There may be information you are looking for on Facebook, Youtube or Wikipedia, but the main thing is to reach it. While trying to find your way in the information pool, you may encounter irrelevant videos, come across advertisements that will confuse you, run from link to link, and eventually paint the bottom of the pool. Sophia, which is an open participation * based social education program, allows you to reach the specific information you are looking for easily and accurately. In doing so, it uses the structure that is powered by the participation and production of users who are called open participation.

200 users have already registered in the beta version of Sophia and the site has a growing content day by day. You can contribute to the content with your slideshows, videos or articles or you can link to the content from another site via Sophia. If the academic content you are looking for did not satisfy you, you can enter the question and answer part of the subject and get academic answers to those who have a mind. Sophia is predicted to be successful, mainly because it is directed towards specific content and the uploaded content is tested with solid standards.

Sophia Overview from Sophie front Vimeo.

So how is the content in Sophia rated? First, we can talk about academic evaluation. When you become a member of the site, you state that you are an academic and you have a share in the evaluation of the uploaded content. For example, if an uploaded content receives approval from three different academic members, it is offered to users looking for the subject as sample content. Apart from this, the uploaded content can be rated by all users over 5 stars. This is another factor that increases participation.

* The term “open participation” as SosyalMedya.CO means “wordpress“Is the term we want to use as the Turkish of the term. The term crowdsourcing Wikipedia It translates as “crowdsourcing” but we think that the phrase “open participation” might be more accurate.