Now there will be Brand Pages on Twitter


We can say that the idea of ​​Facebook’s fan pages was revolutionary for both Facebook and brands. Thanks to the corporate pages on Facebook, the distance between brands and consumers is decreasing, brands are promoting without using large advertising budgets, and consumers can directly express their concerns to the brands without getting caught in bureaucratic obstacles. As a result, both sides are beneficial with the democratic, sharing and transparent power of social media.

Read Write Web’s news According to Twitter, the second most popular social network after Facebook, goes to a similar application. With the application that will be launched soon, brands will now be able to open their own Twitter accounts. These special accounts will have their own structure and will not have to follow the 140-character limiting structure of Twitter. Thus, they will have a chance to express themselves better. Limited promotional structure of Twitter was a disadvantage for brands, especially for new consumers who do not know the brand.

With this new step of Twitter, the main thing to pay attention to is that the brand pages do not spoil the unique structure of Twitter. Facebook and Twitter have completely different structures and Twitter’s implementation of Facebook’s fan pages will be an unusual experience for Twitter users – highly likely.

On the other hand, Twitter, which has been working to create self-revenue models for a while, is expected to generate a lot of revenue with these brand pages. Twitter, which has not implemented ideas such as advertising on the homepage or showing personalized ads by choosing keywords like Google uses, aims to both protect its character and earn income with this new application.

Together, we will see who has been gaining how much with brand pages expected in the near future. Let’s see if Twitter will maintain its unique structure and create brand pages for commercial purposes.