Now RIM is in Trouble with Indonesia


RIM, a BlackBerry manufacturer that previously had problems with different countries, now faces the danger of restricting its services to Indonesia. If RIM does not comply with the Indonesian government’s regulations restricting access to pornographic sites, this time on the agenda is banned in Indonesia.

Information and Communication Technologies Minister Tifatul Sembiring told RIM that it should filter websites until January 21 to continue its activities without restricting all browser movements.

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world and has been shaken by suggestions for the complete banning of the Internet, due to scandals in which the pornographic images of the country’s most famous individuals have fallen on the Internet several times before. Sembiring, a member of a conservative party, said on Twitter that if RIM does not start filtering sites by January 21, all he can do is “enforce the law.”

RIM has previously had problems with the governments of countries such as India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, sharing their codes, etc., and has been banned, but solved its problems by sharing the messaging service codes with the relevant governments, which allegedly provided secret communication to terrorist activities and created other security gaps.

Heru Sutadi, a member of the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, who reviews and organizes the industry, said, “Not only Indonesia, but other Middle Eastern countries have also pushed RIM on similar issues. When I think of the big Indonesian market, I think RIM will obey these restrictions. ” said.

During the meetings with the Organizing Committee members on January 17, RIM will officially be asked to make content restrictions aimed at reducing access to pornographic sites. Indonesia expects the same restrictions here, not individually from RIM, but from all service providers.

If RIM does not accept restrictions, the government will be asked to close the BlacBerry scanner, which is used by two million Indonesians.