Not Blessed by Google, Still getting 150k/Mo Visitors on my Blog

Around 8 years ago, I was doing some research for my monthly college assignment, sitting in an Internet cafe working on an old computer with an awful Internet speed, wondering who on earth is so dumb to put all that information on the Internet for free. I mean if it takes me hours to note them down, it might have taken them days to put that up.

Anyways, fast forward to 2012 when I became that dumb person to put all the information for free and now I get the irony.

I am a food blogger, who researches and prepares recipes, take photos while cooking, then edit those photos and publish them. And then go share it with the world.

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Its heck of a job but I love it. I love cooking recipes and getting appreciation for it. And my blog helps me in getting that.

Plus I make money while doing all that because I get a fair amount of traffic.

But it was not always like that. For the good part of 2012, I skipped the last and the most important task of sharing my recipe posts with others. I waited for Google to send people to my blog instead.

And it never worked out.

Now if you try to give me a lesson about SEO, let me tell you

  1. I am a housewife with a year old baby.
  2. We are in 2014 and we all know that one update from Google will ruin all the SEO efforts.

So, allow me to tell you what I did in 2013 and took my blog from 100 visitor a day to over 5000 visitors a day

I chose Social Media to get people to my blog and read my recipes.

I am sharing my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Stumble upon and as the visual content performs really well, my food blog started getting all the traffic from these sites.

At first it really looks like a tough job to promote your posts on Social Media sites, because it the traffic you get depends on the amount of time you devote to it.

Thankfully there are many tools available to automate the process of distributing your content across various social media channels.

This is how I promote my blog.

For Facebook:

I have my own Facebook page where I post the recipes, then I take these posts and share them in various food related groups that I have joined. I have also collaborated with other page owners to share my posts on their pages.

So, I just reshare the posts from my Page to all the other pages and groups. It is not fully automated but once you create a setup it becomes easy to share your content.

I have also managed to bring in over 11000 Fans to my own page.

Pro tip: Facebook has recently made some changes and now the thumbnails of shared links are bigger, so, if you are aiming to get more people to your blog then share links instead of photos with links to your posts.

Suggested read:

For Twitter:

I am using Evergreen Post Twitter to Tweet my recipes at a regular interval of time, my recipes are not time specific so it works pretty well. A lot of people search for things on Twitter and land on my blog, I am yet to optimize the traffic from Twitter but I am happy with it right now.

Pro tip: Try to be helpful on Twitter, follow people, ask questions, and appreciate their efforts about things they are sharing on Twitter. This makes you an active person on Twitter and people will give more attention to your tweets.

For Tumblr:

Tumblr is huge for Visual Content, It is the latest medium I have added to promote my recipes, it works really well, I just share my posts with a link back to the full recipes posts on my blog and people follow it to land on my blog. It has an option to queue posts which can be used to schedule posts. I spend only 30 minutes on Sunday to schedule posts for the whole week. I also shares those posts on Facebook and Twitter, so it can simply automates three channels.

Pro tip: Make friends on tumblr and ask them to reblog your posts, this can be huge traffic generator.

For Pinterest:

I try to share my recipe posts on Pinterest three times a day.  I am trying very hard to follow this every day and it really pays in the end. Thanks to app like Tailwind, now this part will become automated.

I have recently started building a list as well and the number has reached to over 500 at the time of writing this article.

I have more plans for the blog in my limited time and I am really happy to be a blogger and do something I enjoy doing while getting paid for it.

In my next Post, I’ll be talking about how I am Monetizing this blog and how I turned this blog from making few cents a day to few hundred dollars a month.