Nostalgia Specialist Test from Bomonti Beer


Starting with the first beer of these lands, Bomonti Beer offers the ‘Nostalgia Test’, a Facebook application suitable for the nostalgia concept it possesses. In practice, users who rely on their nostalgic knowledge await 10 questions that should answer in a limited time. There are of course awards to the most successful contestants in the application, where questions such as television, sports, cinema, general culture of 80’s and 90’s are asked.

Competitors have titles such as Professor, Associate Professor, Doctor or History Bilmez at the end of the competition according to the number of questions they answer correctly. In addition to inviting friends to the contest, they can also share their questions on Facebook.

The people who give the most correct answer in the test in the shortest time are waiting for the “Nostalgic Gift Package” award consisting of nostalgic cd and dvd in accordance with the concept.

The quiz presented by Bomonti Beer on Facebook fan page to anyone interested in 80’s, 90’s nostalgic information and who wants to compete with friends and other users. I waiting at. On the Facebook page of Bomonti Beer from here You can reach.