No Updates Will Be Made Except From The Mac App Store


We have announced to you that Apple has opened the Mac App Store with more than 1000 applications. Let us tell you before you know it, no! You will not be able to update any of your pre-installed apps through the Mac App Store, even if the app store sees that they are installed. It will tell you that it will update its apps received from the store, and not do the same for other apps.

Although it will show pre-installed applications, the auto-update option will not be valid for products that are not purchased through the store because the store evaluates two applications with two different licenses.

For example Panic company decided to give the next product series free of charge for the solution, to get its customers to get used to the Mac App Store and update easily, but for now, free products cannot be downloaded from the store.

The work doesn’t just end with license differences. Apple definitely does not allow “beta”, “demo”, “trial”, “test” versions in the store. Apps that look like or imitate the original Apple apps are also being deleted from Apple by the store. At the same time, Apple is deleting the original Mac OS interface, or by alerting apps that it sees “complex and under good”, wiping them out of the store if there is no improvement.

In order to comply with Apple’s strict store rules, BareBones had to remove both apps from the Mac App Store. Authenticated Saves on BBEdit and TextWrangler (allowing you to save files that are not yours) and command-line tools will not be available in the Apple store version.

Let’s see how Apple goers will cover this news.