New version of Google Analytics is coming


The new version of Google Analytics was recently activated for beta users only, and we had the opportunity to experience this beta version. The development phase of Google Analytics continues due to the beta version. The most prominent feature of the new Analytics is undoubtedly that it can be customized. It provides ease of use for users to be able to optimize the interface according to their personal preferences.

The most prominent features of the new version can be listed as follows:

  • Fully renovated user interface
  • Customizable dashboards (Dahboards)
  • Improved custom reports
  • A more convenient admin interface
  • Defining activities as goals
We use the segment named “Advanced Users” that we have determined to watch our readers who are staying more than 15 minutes on our site, so we have the opportunity to offer them customized content or re-marketing campaigns.

The new Google Analytics brings with it a brand new user interface. After that, you will be able to customize the Analytics interface where you can track the traffic of your website. The four options you can use to examine your data are: Metric, slice (circle) chart, timeline, and table. For example, if you want to make comparisons over large numbers, you can use the metric account, and you can use the circle chart to observe which browsers entered the site. If you are wondering what changes have happened in weeks and months, you can place the timeline in your interface to prepare an analysis in columns and rows. After that, every feature in the interface will be adjusted according to your wishes.

In addition, you will soon be able to share your Analytics reports with other users or followers via email or other channels of your choice. There is no detailed information about these channels, but probably social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are mentioned. More customization, more transparency!

In addition to a completely refurbished and more useful user interface, along with customized dashboards and custom reports, Google Analytics comes with a very ambitious way with its new version. If you want to join the beta version Google Analytics beta form You can review the new Analytics before anyone else.

We also wanted to share a few Analytics data of Social with a ready location for you, we have ready new screens, have a look:

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