New Rockmelt Very Ambitious – Social Media


The new version of the social media friendly browser Rockmelt, supported by Marc Andreessen, one of the founders of Netscape, has been presented to users. As you may remember, Rockmelt reached users by the end of 2010 by invitation. According to official sources, there were a lot of people who did not think positively for Rockmelt, which was unearthed with a $ 10 million study over two years. Now, with its new version, Rockmelt aims to reach more people.

Developers, who see that internet users spend a lot of time on social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter, work integrated with social media platforms to turn this situation into advantage for users. Flock and scanners like Rockmelt. Thus, you can access your accounts on social networks without opening a window on the browser you use. At the same time, these new generation browsers are extremely convenient for people who use RSS. Are all these features enough to get used to a new browser experience?

There are a lot of people who think that it is not enough and do not leave Firefox or Chrome, but there is not an audience that uses Rockmelt to play bye and reinforces its position in social networks on this occasion. The developers of Rockmelt also released a new version by making some innovations on the browser in order to satisfy the existing users and attract new users.

Seeing that Rockmelt users especially use the chat function more, the developers have developed a number of new features for a better chat experience. With the new Rockmelt, you will be able to chat multiple times with your friends on different networks. Besides, a Rockmelt which is more integrated with Twitter and Facebook is waiting for you. Stating that more than half of Rockmelt users also use Twitter, the developers have made the necessary efforts to use Twitter more effectively via Rockmelt. These are not new features such as searching on Twitter, answering many people, and editing the text before retweeting, but that Rockmelt does not have. In addition, using the Chromium 10, Rockmelt 2 claims that it has gone a long way in terms of speed.

There will be many people who will want to use Rockmelt among the masses that are so intertwined with social media. We also recommend that you try it at least once. But when we have Firefox or Chrome, do we all use Rockmelt, that’s it suspicious. At least for now.