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Terms of Use Regarding TEG (Bulk Email Sending) Service

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using TEG services. By using TEG services or by creating a free account at TEG, you agree to these terms of use. The information on this page is a legal agreement. First we will start by explaining the statements in this terms of use agreement.

TEG (also referred to as “service” only; or “service provider”) allows you to create e-mail content, manage them and your authorized e-mail marketing contact database, through the URLs of, e-mail address is an e-mail marketing service that allows you to deliver these contents via e-mail (also referred to as campaign shipping or bulk shipping) to individual buyers who have consciously provided their information.

Kayra Software Internet Services is the owner and operator of the TEG product. The employees, contracted employees, contracted parties and representatives of the company in question are referred to as the TEG Team. As the beneficiary or beneficiary of this service or the representative of the person, you are referred to as the ‘Customer’ who has accepted this agreement.

This terms of use (with the anti-spam policy and privacy policy and the information contained in the knowledge base) determine which terms and conditions you can use TEG as a Customer with an account registered with TEG. If you have questions about these terms of use, do not hesitate to contact us.


It is assumed that you agree to abide by the following rules:

  • Sending spam e-mails is prohibited by law and is against the TEG terms of use. Email marketing is an authorized marketing method; therefore, e-mail contact information of e-mail recipients must have been obtained through authorized methods. If an e-mail sent to (A) addresses a large number of other recipients and in this case the identity of a recipient becomes irrelevant, independent of the e-mail content; AND (B) if the recipient has not verifiably, explicitly and deliberately provided their e-mail contact information, it is spam.
  • Sending e-mail to e-mail contact information purchased, rented or provided by third-party persons or organizations is against the terms of use.
  • If a campaign submission gets more than 20% bounce (incorrect, missing or non-existent email address) score, TEG has the right to freeze your account unilaterally. In case the situation is repeated in any way, TEG reserves the right to close your account without refund.
  • Receiving servers, buyers or accounts that send and report campaigns reported and / or detected by TEG are closed without warning and without a refund by TEG. Harmful content; means a campaign containing fraudulent, misleading landing page, containing virus / worm (warm) / malware (malware), pornography, gambling or other illegal file, image, link or article.

What situations do we not allow ?:

  • To send advertisement content to the people on your list by directing to more than one internet oriented websites. (affiliate marketing)
  • Posting to e-mail addresses that you have not obtained permission / approval from before or sharing a link with affiliate marketing content to these people.
  • Sharing content that promises to be rich, make easy money, earn money by working from home. (affiliate marketing)
  • Racism, child abuse, pornography, betting and gambling, release of blocked sites by the decision of the Court of sexual discrimination, illegal and unethical products, hatred and does not contain insulting rhetoric, Turkey Laws of content that may constitute a criminal offense nezninde


Eligibility Criteria for Accounting

In order to use the TEG product;

  • You have turned 18,
  • Complete the registration process completely,
  • You accept these terms of use,
  • You need to provide accurate, valid and complete information.

By using TEG, you agree and declare that you meet all the criteria listed above. TEG reserves the right to change these criteria at any time and not to serve on the basis of these criteria.

Validity Scope of Terms of Use

These terms of use are valid from registering with TEG until your account is completely deleted. If you are registering with TEG on behalf of an organization or person, you agree and declare that you have approved the terms of use on behalf of that organization or person.

Closing an Account

Your party or TEG may terminate this agreement at any time by reporting to the other party. TEG may terminate its service to you at any time by stating a reason or not. If the service was closed without any reason, your payment will be refunded within the remaining usage rights of your previously determined plan. This refund will be based on the remaining usage day for monthly plans and the remaining usage loan for annual plans. If your account has been closed in case of any violation of these terms of use, TEG will not refund your fee. If your account is closed, all data belonging to your account will be removed from the TEG database, including the e-mail addresses you have transferred to the system.

Changing the Terms of Use

TEG reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time. If a change is made, updated terms of use are added to TEG’s websites and notice of the change is made to your current e-mail address provided to TEG. If you do not close your account within ten (10) business days of the change, you are deemed to have accepted the changes in the terms of use. TEG reserves the right to change the website, services or features of its services at any time.

Account and Password

You are responsible for protecting the privacy of the email address, account name and password you access your account. You are also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this information for all accounts you can access, whether or not you are authorized to use it. Although it is not authorized to use, if someone other than you accesses your account, you must inform us immediately. TEG is not responsible for stolen or hacked accounts. TEG cannot see the password of any of its customers for security reasons, and for security reasons, it can only enable you to perform a password reset.

Account Disputes

TEG does not know the internal affairs of the organization that any of its customers are in and the personal relationships of any of its customers; therefore, it cannot decide on who an account belongs to. No person can request information and access from TEG in order to gain access to an account opened with an e-mail address that does not belong to him. In cases of dispute about accounts, those requesting access and / or information should resolve this dispute with the party that created the account. TEG takes into account the e-mail address that has created the account primarily for who owns an account, followed by the organization and / or contact information contained in the e-mail contents, and finally the contact information provided in the account information.


TEG is a prepaid service provider. In order to receive any service, the fee included in the proposal, which is explicitly declared or presented to the customer in particular, must be paid.

Loans purchased under Pay-As-You-Go (annual loan) plans are valid for one year. If there is a credit remaining at the end of a year, they will be deleted even if renewal is made.

Within the annual loan plans, customers can purchase additional loans at any time.

Email Verification Service

TEG does not guarantee 100% accurate results for the email verification service. In addition, soft bounce e-mail addresses (which are technically unavailable for temporary reasons) are not cleared in lists with verification processes. This is because soft bounce addresses can become available when the temporary cause disappears.

In the event that the TEG services are requested after the e-mail verification process, the total bounce address ratio in the list of the customer before verification should not exceed 45%. Even if e-mail verification is applied to lists containing bounce addresses above this rate, TEG refuses to serve the customer, since this level bounce address indicates that a list has not been authorized.

The TEG Team has the right to refuse to serve the customer for lists that are suspected to be provided under permitted marketing rules.

Payment Refunds

TEG will refund your payment for the last and active plan you have paid if your account has been closed for a reason other than those listed in these terms of use and your service has been stopped. Apart from this, no refund can be requested from TEG for any reason.


Ownership Rights of TEG (Kayra Software)

Customers must respect the property rights (these include patents, trademarks, service marks, business secrets and copyrights) held by TEG through its website and software. All trademarks, patents, products, software and copyrights to which TEG belongs to the property can be used only within the knowledge of Kayra Software and the permitted rules and conditions.

Ownership Property Rights

Customers accept and declare that they are authorized to use all the materials they use in their e-mails or that they own them. TEG may only use the materials it protects the property rights of its customers, as it is included in these terms of use.

Right to Watch Email Campaign Content

TEG can review, monitor, copy, and distribute the campaign contents that its client has prepared and / or sent, and distribute it within its own company in order to prevent problems and create useful algorithms. Based on this monitoring right, TEG may freeze or close accounts belonging to customers it has found to violate the terms of use.

Right to Access Customer Lists

TEG declares that its customers will not share any e-mail contact information they have transferred to their system with any third party. For security reasons, the TEG Team’s access to the lists in the client account has been restricted. Only when necessary, the TEG Team can provide limited time access to customer lists, in accordance with the client’s express written and written confirmation. During this period, the TEG Team cannot use its customers to share lists with third parties.


Reporting Violations

If you feel that these terms of use have been violated by any TEG customer, please contact us at immediately without notice.

If you have received a spam e-mail sent by a TEG customer using the TEG system, please contact the TEG Team and report this.

If you think a TEG customer is using material that violates your copyrights, please contact us immediately and report this situation.

(The best way to find out if an e-mail is sent using the TEG system is to make sure that the TEG logo is located at the bottom of each e-mail. However, while the notices are being reviewed, the TEG Team is conducting systematic reviews and sent using an EEG’s TEG IPs and system. confirms that it has not been sent.)

Bandwidth / Throttling

You can only use TEG’s bankwidth when performing e-mail marketing via the TEG system. TEG provides visual and data storage services only for this purpose. Therefore, visual and data cannot be stored in the TEG system for different purposes.

Compliance with Laws

When you become a TEG customer, you agree and declare that your service use will comply with all applicable legal rules and related regulations. You need to make sure that your uses comply with the law and related regulations.

You may not use TEG Services for any illegal action or action.


Limitation of Liability

You must accept full responsibility for any loss or violation caused by you during the use of the TEG services and website, within the law and related regulations. Kayra Software and the TEG Team cannot be held responsible, even under any circumstances, for any indirect, criminal, private or accidental damage, even if they have been warned of the possibility of negligence or damage. The responsibility of Kayra Software and TEG Team cannot be more than the price paid for the service that the customer has recently purchased and is still valid.


Within the laws and related regulations, TEG offers all of its services and all the materials it provides within the services, as accessed by the customer and as declared on the website. Therefore, it does not offer an additional guarantee, directly or indirectly.

Damage Compensation

As a customer, you are committed to the Kayra Software and TEG Team in advance that they will not be compromised by all problems under the ‘Limitation of Liability’, including attorney expenses from an application you have made due to a violation of these terms of use. In addition, for any claims made by third-party persons or organizations, or any person who has access to your account with your password, due to any legal violations, including these terms of use, from all material and moral losses, including attorney expenses. You assume in advance that the Software and TEG Team will not be harmed.

Lawyer Expenses

If a lawsuit is brought to you by Kayra Software for violation of the terms of use, the right to demand lawyers’ expenses at a reasonable level is reserved within the scope of the rights entitled due to the compensation of injustice or the damage arising.