Multi Viewers – Social Media


The European Interactive Advertising Association announced the results of a research in late 2010. This research is about people’s use of media and multi-screener. Multi-viewership qualifies today’s multi-tasking people to watch more than one media tool at a time. The research essentially reveals that the internet is indispensable for people who follow multiple media at the same time. Other important results of the research are as follows;

  • One tenth of the participants in the research are multiple viewers (watching TV, going on the Internet with a PC or laptop, and also connecting to the internet using a smartphone and PDA).
  • The use of multiple screens significantly increases the online time in the internet in Europe.
  • 66% of multiple viewers stated that they could not live without the Internet.
  • It has been revealed that multi viewers buy better products and services than non-multi viewers (64% to 47%).
  • Multiple viewers think that brand websites are important sources of information in the process of obtaining information about a product and service (compared to 55% to 39%).

In the light of these results, social media goers who do not fall out of their smart phones, are active in social networks and turn on their computers in the morning, stand out as people who are more knowledgeable about brands and lead in campaigns. Social media goers, who are dealt with in the context of the concept of multi-viewership, thus become opinion leaders and popular children of social media.

These multi-viewer internet users, who use all media tools effectively for brands and carry their presence to each other, are of great importance. Conducting social media campaigns with these users in mind has the potential to provide additional benefits to brands and companies.

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