Mobile Internet’s Acceleration is on the Rise with Social Media


I believe that most of the 2 or 3 billion new user groups expected to meet the internet in the future will be from emerging economies. This new audience will be very different from the current 2 billion users. Global business models and national policies can collapse and fail if they are based on old expectations, attitudes, attitudes, preferences and successes.

3G, which is seen as a breakthrough in our country at least in the mobile communication sector, has taken over our lives. From advertisements to content used in mobile phones, it has become a common potential power. Facebook, which emerged today with its social network password, has become a giant web interaction platform. You can see the statistics of Facebook, Apple and Google documenting the leadership wars below, and you can observe how strategic the web has become in the changing global arena.

The mobile marketing tool SMS and MMS that companies use to reach consumers were presented with a much richer content thanks to 3G technology. With the websites they prepare for mobile users, companies can present their messages with more colorful content to their target audience in a fast and interactive way.

For example, with a mini website that it has prepared, it is able to collect the reservation request and display the rooms, restaurants and other areas as a video. Or in the light of the information in the database, markets and shopping malls can announce all kinds of innovations in their stores to the potential customers without being dependent on the advertisement, visually.

Moreover, these announcements can reach the potential customer passing by the store. Thus, effective marketing is done. The limit of mobile marketing methods and types with 3G can be said to be almost nonexistent. Moreover, since the applications can be interactive, it is possible to return to the sale immediately. Thanks to these groundbreaking applications in mobile marketing, advertisers can now measure returns more efficiently.

According to sectoral scenarios predicting that the internet will be more widespread and scattered in the future, technology will make connecting to the internet and devices even more cost-effective and worldwide demands will be met quickly. This will also have an impact on the global internet vision in 2025.

Another 2025 global internet forecast is; He points out that the internet will be the victim of his own success, and the excessive demand for IP-based services will create bottlenecks and create huge gaps between expectations and real internet use.

This is exactly another point that triggers social media, of course, the expansion of the broadband internet access network. The fact that we use more and more social media in mobile devices today contributes to a global development.

The sector is developing with a rapid rise, there are a lot of services and services networks to be made in these areas. Of course, there will be operators and access counters winning, but mobile content service providers and new entrepreneurs will be the main winners of the industry.