Microsoft Office Support for Google Documents is finally here


Although Google has outperformed Microsoft on many issues, it has failed to show the same success against Microsoft Office. Because, even though it is free, the number of Google Docs users never came close to the number of Microsoft Office users. This is why Google has developed a strategic add-on that acts as a bridge between Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

With this add-on, where there is no doubt that Google Docs will take its role in the market a step further, Google will start collecting flowers from the gardens of Microsoft Office.

If we talk about the functionality of the Google Docs plug-in announced yesterday, we can summarize the documents created and edited with Microsoft Office products with Google Docs via Google Cloud. Whether it is Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, you can easily and quickly share your files through your Google account with the Google Docs plugin, which can perform its functions in all Microsoft Office products.

With this add-on, which is also an important step within the framework of cloud computing, you will have the chance to store your files safely. If you are working on a common business or sharing the documents you prepare is a serious part of your business, you should try the Google Docs plugin.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, Google is considering improving its market position with a more functional solution. Indeed, this cooperation with Microsoft, which has great office products, through cloud computing, will add a lot to Google and Google Docs. In addition, it is not anticipated that the plugin and development will not contain any threat to Microsoft. Because a significant part of the piece still belongs to Microsoft.

Video shared by Google about Google Docs plugin in person:

If you want to download the Google Docs plug-in for Microsoft Office products, please such Commanded.

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