Mark Articles To Read Later With Google Reader


While many of us browse the internet, we open so many pages together that we lose ourselves among the pages that accumulate later. Especially if our time is limited, this can become an even bigger problem. Here, the developers will suffer from this problem that they are developing applications that appear frequently in recent times and enable us to look at the web pages ‘after’. Tools like Instapaper, Read It Later serve such purposes. If you say I have no idea about these tools, I think ‘Google Reader’, which we all know closely, will work.

Thanks to the ‘Notes’ button (bookmarklet) in Google Reader, you can save the web page for later reading. To do this, you enter the ‘Notes’ section on the Google Reader page and save the ‘Note in Reader’ bookmarklet to bookmarks.

Then, you can save the website that contains the articles you want to read later by choosing one of the options to save only in starred items or in shared items. If you want to keep the shared items stored, all the articles you have saved will be visible to your friends or followers.