Makes Facebook Privacy Agreement ‘More Readable’


Usually, the User Agreements of websites are filled with mixed legal terms in a uniform, hard-to-read view. It is almost impossible to read. Facebook will have noticed that, although it does not change the privacy agreement to content, it is a more “readable” image restoration work started. It can be said that you do not need to be a lawyer to understand the Facebook agreement with the improvements made in the titles and general format.

It came immediately after the request of the American Federal Trade Commission in the implementation of this format. The contents of the Confidentiality Agreements from Facebook FTK should meet the expectations of consumers from the online services they use and highlight the innovations that enabled the rapid development of the internet in the past years. He explained that he found his request right.

Facebook bases its updates on a series of principles that users find they are waiting for. These:

  • First of all, although the concept is mixed or unnecessary for other people, the content should be easy to understand,
  • Second, it should definitely be visual and interactive because people use the web these days.
  • Third, Facebook users should focus on the most likely questions to be relevant.

Let’s take a look at the old and new Confidentiality Agreement appearances one after another.

Old one:


Even though the content is exactly the same, it is clear how different the look is. In its new form, this heavy document is becoming more readable. It’s still a draft to remind us of this.

Let’s see if Facebook’s move, which is a pioneer in many issues, will be an example for other big internet companies as well?