Mail Marketing Service


Mail Marketing Service

Mail Marketing Service

The name given to advertising and promotion services via the Internet is Mail Marketing Service. It can be a wise choice to make product and service promotions using the mass mail method. It is a much faster and effective advertisement method in terms of both cost and time. In order to get accurate and effective results, the selection of ad text and images is very important. Using inconsistent and misleading e-mail subjects will shadow your corporate reputation and cause your potential new customer group to doubt you.

Is it ok to send mass mail for every sector?

We cannot say that mass mailing is suitable for all sectors. We can not say that it is appropriate to send mass mail only for companies that work on a location basis and cannot get out of a certain audience. It is suitable for those who sell goods and services mostly over the internet and want to gain new dealerships and new customers. Also, shipments are made to protect brand awareness.

Avoid Invalid Email Addresses

You should stay away from mailing lists filled with spam traps that are sold on the market and downloaded over the internet. Note that if you post on these lists, you may be negatively affected by your email address to your website address and may be blocked by various systems. Permitted and valid mass mailing addresses

you must use.

Who Can Send Bulk Mail?

Requirements for mass mailing are not companies or individuals. Anyone who complies with the mailing law and spam policies can email marketing. You are deemed to have accepted the sender service contract as soon as the service is started. User accounts that do not comply with the rules are canceled. For this reason, please be careful to make shipments according to the rules.