Looking for Facebook Hacker – Social Media


Yes you have not heard wrong, Facebook hacker is looking! Those who use Facebook, trust their hacker skills, and have the ability to hack Facebook may also be a place for you on Facebook.

Facebook, which wants to add new talents, has launched the Hacker Cup contest as one of its annual activities.

In its official definition, Hacker Cup is defined as follows:

“Hacker Cup is Facebook’s international coding contest. It consists of 3 rounds online and a final to be held at Facebook headquarters. This is your chance to compete with the best programmers in the world and potentially reach the championship title and awards. “

The awards are as follows:

1st Prize: $ 5,000

2nd Prize: $ 2,000

3rd Prize: $ 1,000

4th-25th Prize: $ 100

Hacker Cup t-shirt will be given to the top 300 players in the online round. In cases where the law restricts, the reward price can be paid in cash.

So who can participate in this contest?

Those who are at least 18 years old can apply for the competition. However, first-degree relatives of employees of Facebook employees / trainees, employees of companies with Facebook partners and subsidiaries in any way, and friends with whom they share the same house cannot participate in the competition.

To prepare for the competition Facebook Puzzles You can practice on the page. Also to register Facebook Hacker’s Cup You must register on the page.

Although the money put as a reward is very small, there is no doubt that the success you can achieve in such a contest will take you to a very bright career. If you trust your skills, I would say register.