Location Based Finding Feature in iOS 4.3


MacRumors Apple’s latest mobile operating system has discovered a hidden “find my friends” option in iOS 4.3.

From here, we clearly understand that Apple will compete with location based dating services such as Foursquare, Loopt, Google Latitude, Facebook Places by establishing a location-based social network.

Considering that Apple has experienced music services with Ping and game services with GameCenter, we are skeptical of this service. Because one of the biggest factors in holding services like Foursquare, Loopt, Facebook Places is that they support multiple platforms. So you don’t have to have an iPhone like you to find your friend. With this logic, if we look at it with certainty that Apple won’t open its find friend service to platforms like Android or Ovi, it seems sure that it will make a troubled start.

Apple said this service will become much better in 2011 by Steve Jobs. he will work in addition to MobileMe, which he says.

Location-based services have gained a lot of attention and momentum in the past years, so it is certain that Apple will be worth following, even if we do not know exactly what service we will encounter.