LinkedIn Goes Public – Social Media


While discussing the public speculation of Facebook, a new public announcement came from the market. LinkedIn, one of the major social networking sites, plans to go public this year.

According to information from Reuters, LinkedIn chose Morgan Stanley, Bank Of America and JPMorgan as consulting companies on the subject. Talks on going public are reportedly completed in November.

LinkedIn company spokesperson Hani Durzy’s comments on the subject are as follows: “We do not respond to speculation. Going public is one of the choices LinkedIn can choose. We are currently concentrating solely on our business and how we can benefit LinkedIn and its members and stakeholders in the long run. ”

In the event of the scenarios spoken, LinkedIn will be one of the first companies to earn serious money from social media frenzy after the company Zynga founder of FarmVille.

LinkedIn currently has 85 million members, and this number is increasing day by day. The company has not made some financial information available to the public because it is not publicly available, but according to estimates, the company has been making profits since 2007 and its current value is around $ 2 billion.

Facebook, which received a total investment of $ 500 million from Goldman Sachs and Russian investor Digital Sky Technologies at the beginning of the year, has plans to go public in 2012.