Learn How To Write Pillar Posts

Every blogger is a content marketer and a blog is a house of content. Can you imagine a house without pillars? I can’t. Without some pillar content, a blog is as like as the house without pillar and it must fall down. So, to make your blog stand out, you must have to create some pillar articles. Here is the art of pillar article:

Pillar Articles are Quality Articles:

The articles provide some value to readers, are quality articles. People come to visit your blog to get some valuable information or to find out a solution for their problem(s). If your blog doesn’t provide any of those, why people will visit your blog?

Quality is more important than quantity. A quality article can attract thousands of visitors. But today’s internet has been overwhelmed with quantity. There are lots of articles which have no value. So, in order to make your blog standout, you must have to create quality content.

Pillar Articles are Longer:

As pillar articles have been written to offer genuine value to readers or to solve their problems, it usually becomes longer. Pillar articles not only provide value to readers but also add value to your blog. Do you know the average reading speed of a human?

The average reading speed of a human is 200 words per minute.

So, if you write an article about 200 words long, it will take only a single minute to be read and sometimes it may take less than a minute! So, it may increase your bounce rate; it is not expected and it can’t be a pillar article.

A pillar article must have to be able to keep your visitors on your blog for a few minutes. Here I want to ask you a question: how long do you want to keep your visitor on your blog?

If you want to keep your visitors on your blog for five minutes, your article have to be 1000 words long; as people will read 200 words per minute.

After writing a 1000 words long article, you’ll want 1000’s of visitors to read it. Well………. If each 1000 people spends five minutes on your blog, they spend 5000 minutes in total on your blog to read a single article. That means more than 10 working days (8 hours a day) of a man! Is your article so worthy to spend this amount of time?

Ask this question yourself, it will help you to stick with quality.

Pillar Articles are Timeless:

The things are applicable for forever are timeless. When creating pillar articles think that will it provide value after few years or more? Many people think that not every niche has timeless things. I bet you, there are many (at least a few) timeless things on every niche. You should find out the timeless things on your niche and create them which will get visitor after a few (or more) years later.

Pillar Articles are Unique and Original:

Thousand’s of articles have been published everyday. BUT unique and original content always have special impact on reader’s mind and they can remember it after a long period of time.

Can you remember what you had for launch yesterday or other day? You can’t; just because you do it every day and it’s not unique. But I’m sure, you can easily remember what you had for launch on a picnic? Although it was a few years ago.

Pillar Articles are For Human:

Many people write articles to get better result on search engines. But you should keep in mind that readers are human, searchers are human. By writing for search engines you may get the top position there BUT when people will find your content valueless, they simply neglect you and will go to the next website.

Again, writing for search engines means writing for FOUR websites: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask (as they are mostly used). You can get visitors from these four websites.

But if you write for human, you’re writing for thousands of millions of websites and it will provide you more visitors than the four search engines can.

When people will link your content, you will get lots of visitors and gradually it will be getting visitors from search engines.



  • Pillar Articles are Quality
  • Pillar Articles are Longer
  • Pillar Articles are Timeless
  • Pillar Articles are Unique and Original
  • Pillar Articles are for Human

What type of blogging do you suggest? Pillar articles or Filler articles?

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