Learn Blogging on Your Android SmartPhone With epostakur App

Hey Shouters,

I’m so happy today to write this official announcement post for the launch of official epostakur Android app. At the starting of this year (2015), my aim was to target mobile users as the number of smartphone users are rising every day and finally epostakur Android app is live on Google play store.

I was looking for some free options to develop out Android app initially but realised it’s not the right way to go because epostakur is not just a blog but a brand itself. Moreover, I have received several requests from Android and iOS users to have a dedicated app for epostakur blog. ( iOS users you need to wait for just a little time).

I would like to thank Aneesh Bhatnagar who created the first version of epostakur as a gift for all of us. The first version was released with a basic UI and functionality and later on we revamped the complete UI and functionality of the app. The new app UI is built from scratch to give you a great experience of reading epostakur from your Android powered smart phone. You can download the app right away from Google play store here or read on to learn more about the app.

Features of epostakur Android app:

When you open the app, you will get an option to subscribe to our eMail newsletter which is powered by Aweber. You should do this, as many of our special offer is for Newsletter readers ( Some exclusive incentives), or you can skip it by clicking on the top right. On the next screen you will be first shown how to use the app, this is good for those users who are not an existing Shouter.

Clicking on the top left menu will reveal the categories which you can click to browse the articles from your favorite section. By default app will show latest posts from epostakur, so that you will always stay at the top of latest news.

When you are reading an article you can click on heart icon at the top to save the article to read it later. That article will be saved under “Saved article” folder, which you can access by clicking on the menu bar anytime.  All the links (Internal and external) will open within the app, so you will have a grew experience browsing and learning anything while using the app.

There is sticky footer bar which you can use to navigate from one article to another and you can always click on share to share an article on your favourite social-networking sites. We have also enabled Push notifications, so whenever a new article is published you will be the first one to get notified about the article.

Download epostakur app from Google play store

I would love to get your opinion and feature suggestions for the future updates. Don’t forget to give rating and leave a comment about the app in the Google play store, so that we can learn more from the users. Thanks to all the shouters who have suggested to have an Android app, and finally we have one.

Happy blogging!