Larry Page did the job


As we mentioned in our previous news, Google founding partner Larry Page took over the CEO position from Eric Schmidt today.

Wondering how Larry Page, who was the company’s CEO in the early years of Google’s foundation, will manage the company this time.

Eric Schmidt, who left his chair to Larry Page, will now deal with the company’s communications and international affairs with the government and business community. Schmidt is the company that will represent the company in Washington against the government and decide on company acquisitions. With this change in the top tier of Google, the company’s other co-founder, Sergey Brin, will serve as chief technology officer. The new structure seems to have been designed to allow Page, Schmidt and Brin to manage the company in a triple way.

In addition to the experts who think that such a structure is suitable for dominating the company in order to manage a giant like Google, there are those who think that the triple structure will cause some difficulties in making quick decisions. One of them is Schmidt.

There are a lot of strategic issues waiting for Google under the direction of Larry Page. Some of them are even issues that concern the company’s existence. The growing number of Facebook and the shift of internet users towards social search is one of the important issues that threaten the company, perhaps the most important one. We will see together how Google will go about this, but as of today, it is not right to talk about the effective work of Google about social search or social media. In this competition with Facebook, Google will either make a very strong purchase or quit competition with Facebook. Thinking that a giant like Google will give up, it would be a little dreamy.

We do not know which goals Google chose for triple management, but we know that they need to work hard to be more successful in social search, especially competition with Facebook.