Journey from Solopreneurship to Entrepreneurship: Harsh’s Story

Those who are aware of my blogging journey already know a little bit about my life story and how I came to become a blogger. Now, I’m working on changing my story once again – from a solopreneur to an entrepreneur.

This change which I’m making (moving out of my comfort zone) is something which I have planned for a long time, but I never was able to make it materialize.

And I do have a legit reason for why this never happened…

Being a professional blogger and seeing many of my blogging idols like Amit Agarwal living a sustainable life by working alone, I always believed I could do much more by myself than with a team.

As a matter of fact, I made over INR 40 Lakh/year working alone in the last couple of years, and it’s been an awesome learning experience.

Until recently, I was a proud solopreneur. It’s always easier when you are your own boss and your only employee.

But at the same time, when you are working alone, a time can come when your growth rate stops, and you need to have helping hands to move ahead with the same pace.

This is what happened to me.

Why I’ve Decided To Be An Entrepreneur Instead Of A Solopreneur

Let me share a bit of my story:

I started professional blogging in March 2009, and in January 2010, I joined a Pune-based startup to achieve my goal of setting up blogging as a viable industry in India. It was a great learning experience, but the partnership didn’t last long. If you look at the history of startups, building a good partnership is usually the hardest thing.

So I moved back to Delhi in August 2010, and since then, I’ve been on my own – a solopreneur.

I’m going to be 27 this year, and it’s high time that I dump my home office and get a real office. In the last few years, working from home has put me in a very comfortable situation, and I very happily lived in my comfort zone. It’s so comfortable in there that I feel like I could keep living in this comfortable place for a really long time.

But alone, I can only reach a certain limit; with a team, the sky is the limit.

If you are a regular reader of epostakur, you know my ultimate goal is to set up blogging as a viable business in India, as this will help loads of people who are talented but are as of now unable to share that talent with the world. Blogging will not only empower them to earn money, but it will enable them to earn a name for themselves.

And you never know who will turn out to be next Darren Rowse, or Giga Om from India.

Challenges Ahead

The road to entrepreneurship is not going to be easy, and after planning for a while and ready to walk the extra mile, I’m highly motivated to reach my goal of having my own external office and having a team.

My biggest challenge is moving out of my comfort zone. In the last one month, I have been training myself for this, and soon my dream will become my reality.

I have been reading a lot about entrepreneurship and about starting a business in India. I have read about LLPs, proprietorship, partnership firms, and public limited companies.

I feel I’m ready.

How is my entrepreneurship journey going to help you?

This is something which I’m very excited about, as this article is the first article in a new category here at ShoutMeloud – starting a business in India. Though most articles in this section will be globally valuable, I will keep my focus on the Indian market.

I will be sharing everything I learn about starting and running this business. This will help all upcoming solopreneurs to start up a business of their own if they so desire.

I will be sharing everything – from the documents, to the paper work, to the daily tasks needed to maintain the business.

Along with this, I’m also adding a new section called Indian startups; this will highlight Indian-based entrepreneurs.

My focus is still going to be blogging and internet marketing, but this new addition will be more of a story of my day-to-day journey. One reason why I’m sharing this story right now is because as time passes, I will change from learner to teacher. I don’t want to miss out on how I’m feeling now, so I feel it’s important to document this crucial first step.

I’m sure this will help many of you in the coming days when you also want to leave your home office behind and start up a company.

For now, do check out this motivational video I did for a blogging event:

If you have any suggestions or ideas for these two sections (starting a business in India and Indian entrepreneurship), feel free to let me know via the comments.

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