Is There Going To Be A John Wick Cinematic Universe?

Is There Going To Be A John Wick Cinematic Universe?

So the Hollywood Reporter is saying that Lionsgate has bought a script called Ballerina, about female assassins that they intend to shoehorn into the John Wick universe, effectively making the film a spin-off of the surprisingly successful film series.

Hmm…well, as far as these things go, this really isn’t a bad choice. John Wick and its sequel made neon cool again and established a pretty damn original mythology about an assassin underground which lives by a very specific code of honor, including using a worldwide group of hotels called the Continental as neutral ground where no “business” is conducted. This is definitely a universe that’s begging for expansion beyond its so-far only titular character.

Besides Ballerina, there’s some other media that will tie everything together. A comic book series will launch in September. There’s also a TV series in development called, appropriately, The Continental.

As long as every successful movie has to eventually get turned into a cinematic universe or a franchise, the John Wick series will at least make a welcome addition to all that madness.

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