iPad Home Key Becomes History


Apple made a quick introduction to the tablet market with the iPad. The issue of what iPad can and cannot do in most subjects has been expected by customers and technology experts. According to reports in various sources, Apple officials said that they are considering removing the “home” button from iPads in the future by taking advantage of multitouch gestures added to iOS 4.3 beta. Apple again knew how to speak with a simple gossip.

According to the information received, the change will not be limited to iPad, but also iPhones will keep up with this change.

So how will the navigation be without the home button?

Doing it as if you pinch the screen of the iPad with 4 or 5 fingers will take you to the home screen. Likewise, when you slide the screen with your fingers, the multitasking menu will appear, and vice versa, this section will disappear. When you slide the screen to the right or left with 4-5 fingers, you will be able to navigate between open applications.

But now some questions have appeared in the minds of users. In the past, even if the applications were locked, the home button continued to function, and if there was no home button, multitouch movements can be locked in any locked state. At the same time, what will the disabled people who do not have 4 or 5 fingers born in any way or have lost later? How will hard reset be done? It is possible to reproduce such questions, I am sure that we will find answers to all of them in time.

Let’s watch these features together with the video of Gizmodo: