Innovative way to Create Website With Drag & Drop

Years back creating website used to be a task & one couldn’t do it without the help of a developer. These days, WordPress has empowered us to create a blog or a website within 5 minutes.

There are companies people are coming up with great innovations which could make the process of creating website easy. If you have watched Techcrunch Disrupt, you might know about this innovative service which I’m about to share with you. In case, if you haven’t watched TechCrunch Disrupt, you should start by watching this video.

Now, you just had a glimpse of the cool tech & after a little wait, this service (PageCloud) is available for you & others to explore. They are offering generous 14 days free trial to try out their service.

What is PageCloud & What makes it unique website builder?

PageCloud is the simplest way to create a website on your browser. It could be done by anyone with or without photoshop skills. If you know Photoshop, you can copy layers straight out of any desktop design tool (and web ones too!) and paste layers directly onto your pages. No file upload / FTP or other mess. Just copy/paste. Let me highlight some of the features which made me feature it here on epostakur.

Drag & drop:

You can drag anything from your desktop or web & just drop it in. PageCloud would automatically take care of it. Be it a spreadsheet, images, chart or even Google maps location. What interesting here is, you get a lot of options when you drop anything. For example, when I tested this with a video, it offers all the important features which a website needs such as Autoplay, Background video, hide video controls & many others. Check below screenshot for better understanding:

Import your website:

This is for existing website owners who wish to import their existing design to PageCloud. Your design will be imported to PageCloud editor & you can start editing it. It’s good for those small business website owners who have a live website which is little outdated. With this tool, you can import your website & start making changes to make it look more modern. If you don’t like the design, you can simply cancel it & cancel your subscription in the free trial. You got nothing to lose here with their trial offering.


This one is pretty interesting as you can copy any fonts from Google fonts & paste it into PageCloud editor. It will automatically detect the font & you don’t have to mess with any codes for typography. Simple is int it?

There are many more features which make this website creation service outstanding.  Don’t take my words for granted & try it yourself with their demo page over here.

Important things to know about PageCloud:

  • You can use your domain name. At this time, they are not selling domain names, so you can buy it from any of these popular domain buying websites & change the nameserver to point to Pagecloud.
  • The site will be hosted on PageCloud server, so you don’t need to worry about hosting.
  • There is no limitation on the number of pages that you can create with Pagecloud.
  • Just to be clear, it’s not a browser plugin but a software platform that works on all major browsers.
  • The sites that you create are responsive. They also have mobile edit mode that can be used to further refine your site for mobile view.

Here is the pricing for Pagecloud which comes with 14 days trial. Though I suggest you to try the demo for free & see if this is something you would like to use.

Overall this browser-based website creation technology is already changing the way how we create a website. With time, it would be interesting to see the unique use case of Pagecloud for creating sites.

Check out PageCloud || Try free demo

What do you think about PageCloud? If you have tried their demo, I would love to hear your review & feedback about your experience.

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