Injured Congressman Giffords, Member of the Assassin on Youtube


This news has been changed.

Careful members noticed an interesting situation on Youtube after the sad event that shook the United States, resulting in injury to Congressman Gabrielle Giffords, killing 6 people including their bodyguards and injuring many civilians.

Giffords was a member of only 2 people on his channel on Youtube, one of which is Democrat Congressman Ike Skelton from Missouri and the other one is quite interesting. Classitup10 His own attacker, registered under the pseudonym, was Jared Lee Loughner.

It was not clear why and how Giffords became a member of Loughner’s channel. According to some rumors, the employees did not manage Giffords’ Youtube channel itself, so the uploaded videos and subscriptions were not made by Giffords itself. So, was this membership done before the Saturday of the attack? If it was done after Saturday, the employee of the membership must add a note or image about it. On the channel of Giffords This is not the case.

In any case, it is not very logical to think that Giffords’ employees are members of the attacker after the tragedy. If membership was made before this massacre, why have you become a member of Loughner’s channel? If Giffords or any employee is a member, did he take a look at the man’s “interesting” videos? Did the attacker use the Youtube channel as a tool to stay connected with Giffords office? It seems that the questions will not be interrupted before the issue becomes clear. The strangest part is that someone who entered Giffords’ channel as soon as rumors came to an end, this “interesting” membership. Giffords, who was a member of his attacker until very recently, is no longer a member of him.