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I love going to visit a startup because their office is always full of creativity and enthusiasm.

I always end up learning something new from their office setup. In an earlier post, I gave you an exclusive tour of Google’s headquarters and now, as promised, here is a virtual tour of the Coursera office.

You may ask, why the Coursera office?

Well, credit goes to Rajat. If you have been following epostakur since 2008, you know Rajat. If not, let me quickly introduce him to you.

Rajat was 18 when he joined epostakur’s team. He had a passion for technology. He started contributing for my tech blog in 2009 (CallingAllGeeks) & a lot of that blog’s success is because of his hard work. He also contributed to many articles here at epostakur.

After 2 years, he moved to the United States for his higher degree studies. Recently, when I visited San Francisco, he invited me to visit his startup Coursera, located in Mountain View, California (he is working as a lead iOS developer).

I gladly accepted his invitation. It was great seeing Rajat again, as he is not only a bright mind but also one of the oldest members of the epostakur team.

(So, that was my quick intro of Rajat.  You can connect with him on Twitter @veryrajat. Now, let’s check out the Coursera office & I’m sure you will get tons of office ideas for your own startup.)

What is Coursera?

I visited Coursera to meet Rajat, but at the same time I got to know about this cool startup which is changing the lives of many young guns around the globe.

Before I give you this exclusive fun-filled tour of Coursera’s office, let me quickly share some details about this startup. This might change your life or somebody else’s life in your network.

Coursera is a tech startup in the education field. They partner with top universities & organizations worldwide to offer university courses via an online platform.

There are hundreds of specialization courses available in Business, Data Science, Computer Science, Social Science & many more. Coursera also offers financial aid to students who can’t afford a course.

Coursera’s financial aid is a special program to give Coursera students in all economic circumstances the chance to earn course related certificates.

Financial aid was designed specifically for those who face significant economic hardships. Individuals with genuine needs may be given the chance to earn a course certificate at no cost.

You can go ahead & create a free account on Coursera to start browsing their courses.

Exclusive office tour of Startup company Coursera:

I reached their office around 3 P.M. & this is what their front desk lobby looks like:

What I really like about this company is their value system. Coursera puts their customers first & revenue later. This is the same with their policies for employees; everyone is free to make their own decisions and mental well-being comes before profit.

They use real testimonials from satisfied clients as graffiti which shows this customer-centric culture:

This is the zoomed version:

While working for the company, employees can also pursue degrees from any college using this platform.

They have a dedicated wall for employees’ certificates which they have earned while working for Coursera:

They have TVs all over the office and in the conference room.

The screensavers feature their own employees’ quotes and testimonials:

They have also taken care of company branding.

The “Coursera” brand is everywhere in the office:

Many employees ride bicycles to work, and this specific setup is done to minimize the amount of space taken up by parked bicycles:

And the wall art is so cool:

The ground floor is where their sales & marketing team works.

The first floor is where you will find all the “cool stuff”. That includes a play area, music area, and many more “cool things”:

I stayed at the office to complete some of my own work and I enjoyed the friendly & productive environment of Coursera’s office.


This is the second such post here at epostakur, where I’m featuring a startup office. I will continue giving you exclusive tours of startups which should give you a lot of inspiration for your own startup office space.

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Do let me know what you think of this Coursera office tour.

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