How to Use Google alert For Creating Online Alert

Google alert is one very useful tool for blogger. All the professional blogger takes help of Google alert to set alerts for the topic on their niche to get notified about what’s happening on the web.

In official terms

Google Alert is the web’s leading automated search and web intelligence solution, allowing you to catch new information as it appears. Google Alert uses its unique Web Intelligence technology to track the entire web for your personalized topics and send you new results by daily email.

Though the things has changes now, You can also opt for feed subscription option to subscribe to alert. In my opinion, it’s better than unlimited Email alerts.

How to Create an Alert using Google Alert



Once you have added alerts according to your requirement, you can see all the set Google alerts on the same page. You can always edit any alerts settings & modify it.

I would suggest you to create alerts for topics that you like to read always. Ensure that you don’t end up adding a lot of alerts, as you will be bombarded with emails.

If you will use it wisely, you can be the first one to create any breaking news. Don’t over do the alert, else you won’t be able to keep up with all the updates.

How To Get Notified When Someone Talks About You Online [Free]

You can set keywords like “(your name)” or “(your blog’s name)” and have Google send email updates whenever anyone is mentioning these keywords online.

For example, my keywords are “Harsh Agrawal” and “epostakur”. This way, I can monitor what people are saying about me and my blog around the web.

To trigger this update, go to the Google Alerts website and enter your keyword(s):

Now, whenever anyone on the web talks about epostakur, I will be notified via email.

If you prefer a feed subscription method, you can also subscribe to feeds for such alerts.

In the “Type” section, you can select between different options like Web, Blogs, or Comprehensive.

Do let me know if you find this tip useful and what other practical implementations of Google Alerts you can think of. Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Do add your domain name, brand name, your name, email in Google alerts. This way you will stay notified when somebody is talking about you or your brand.